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And the youth are doing something about it.

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You know what else is stupid…Hurricanes.

Because of Hurricane Matthew, we are focusing all of our Stupid Poverty fundraising on relief to 410 Bridge communities in Haiti.

Stupid Poverty Challenge:

a movement for high school and middle school students to help break the cycle of poverty with a focus of providing relief in Haiti, post Hurricane Matthew.

What if there’s more
to poverty than we realize?

How do YOU define poverty? Most students define poverty as a lack of material stuff. But if you asked someone living in poverty, they’d talk more about shame, inferiority, and helplessness. That’s why The 410 Bridge model is all about reconciliation & empowerment.

About The 410 Bridge

The 410 bridge Community Model

Indigenous Leadership

In every 410 Bridge community, local leaders — primarily pastors — lead the effort.

Community Assessment

A formal assessment process helps the community focus on their strengths, not their needs.

Development Plan

After assessing a community’s needs, the Leadership Council prioritizes the areas of development they believe need the most attention, and makes an action plan.


The leaders, through the local Church, mobilize and unify their community around a development plan.

Stupid Fact:
Approximately 50-95% of the 13,000 homes and 11 schools in 410 Bridge southern coastal communities were destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

Your group can make a difference. 100% of the funds you raise will be used to support programs in 410 Bridge communities and help provide relief for our Haitian communities that were affected by the hurricane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Stupid Poverty Challenge is a movement designed for high school and middle school students. It incorporates biblical teaching and fundraising to address poverty is East Africa and Haiti in a healthy and sustainable way.

The program will run in January 2017 and culminate with a Stupid Bowl Party on February 5th. It is hosted by The 410 Bridge a Christ-centered, community-initiated development organization working in 45+ communities around the world. Learn more at 410Bridge.org.

After you register, we’ll send you a starter kit and discipleship curriculum for your January meetings. Our desire is to teach students that there is a better way to engage the poor.

For every $100 your students raise in January, we’ll send you a roll of Stupid Poverty Toilet Paper so they can go crazy (with permission of course) at your Stupid Bowl Party on February 5.

Look, poverty is stupid. And so is doing nothing about it. Your students care about justice, mercy, fairness… The problem is that we’re not teaching them how to engage the poor effectively while allowing the poor to maintain their dignity. The North American church often times does more to disempower people than to build them up. Stupid Poverty 2017 is meant to begin to change the paradigm of how student engage the poor. Take the challenge. Register your group. It’ll be fun, educational, and God-honoring.
You can scroll down and sign up your group at the bottom of this page. We’ll send you a starter kit right away. We’ll also send you discipleship curriculum for your January meetings. Someone from our team will reach out to you personally to answer any questions.
Raise money however you like; whatever your style is. How about shaving your head for $200? Or keeping it classic with a bake sale? Get your whole youth group together and host a night of babysitting or a potluck fundraising dinner. It can be as crazy, or stupid, or as classic as you like. Let your students use their imagination!
100% of the funds your students raise will be used by The 410 Bridge (registered 501(c)3) in East Africa and Haiti. The 410 Bridge is a Christ-centered community development organization with five main areas of development: safe water, health, education, economic and discipleship. 
 Learn more at 410Bridge.org. **Because of the devastation in Haiti, caused by Hurricane Matthew, we will be focusing most of the Stupid Poverty fundraising on relief in 410 Bridge Haiti communities.
Get pumped…! The Stupid Bowl Party is on February 5th, Super Bowl Sunday! Celebrate your fundraising efforts and get stupid! (with toilet paper, that is). 

Look, you’re going to have a Super Bowl party anyway, right? If not, now you can. Either way, you can have something to celebrate at halftime that focuses your students on something other than wardrobe malfunctions and those awkward commercials.

For every $100 your students raise, we’ll send you a roll of Stupid Poverty toilet paper… because what could be stupider??? Your students can choose something to TP (the youth leaders house, for example) and go crazy. Make sure they get permission and notify any authorities that they have permission.
Where are our party people?! We’ve got tons of party planning ideas for you! Once you sign your group up for the challenge, you’ll have access to the Action Kit to see our tips. 

You betcha! We’ve created a discipleship curriculum for you to use during your meetings in January. Just register and we’ll send you a link to download the curriculum. The curriculum is built to teach your students about poverty and to get them thinking about how we define it, while fundraising for a cause.
No worries! There are no stupid question. Contact us here. We’re happy to help. 

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After you register, we’ll send you a Starter Kit with everything you need to get going. Someone from our team will be in touch to answer any questions.


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